2019 National Agreement Irs

Article 35 – Office space – We may negotiate space actions that do not fall within the terms of this treaty. However, the article was negotiated with the aim of reducing the need for costly and repetitive negotiations on any change in office space. It was a very difficult article to accept. They insisted that we give up our right to negotiate. The agency kept telling us that AFGE had given up on it, so we had to do it too. We resisted and finally prevailed on this point. Office sharing and hospitality will be the future. We expect office space issues if the agency decides to reduce the number of days of telecommuting. Executive Order 13836, Developing Efficient, Effective, and Cost-Reducing Approaches to Federal Sector Collective Bargaining, signed by the President on September 25. May 2018, organizations must submit each collective agreement (CBA) and its expiry date within 30 days of the CBA coming into force. EO 13836 also requires OPM to make these CbAs publicly available on the Internet.

This promotes transparency by allowing the public to see the types of agreements between federal sector organizations and unions. Organizations are also required to submit arbitral awards to OPM within 10 business days of receipt. OPM has published a memorandum on the publication of the CBA database, which provides guidance on the Agency`s requirements for ACAs and arbitral awards. Regarding the use of technology, and SKYPE in particular, we have agreed to replace SKYPE with the obsolete OCS communication method as it has been discontinued. With the agreement that remote employees must use Skype while teleworking, we have also received IRS approval for rules designed to protect employees from mismanagement. Article 7 – Union rights – New language: `Upon request, the Agency shall provide the President of chapter NTEU or his representative with a list of the members of the bargaining unit in Excel format at the beginning of each financial year at the beginning of each financial year. The list includes the name, office, email address, and job title of each employee represented by NTEU. The NTEU supports new Senate legislation to prevent the outgoing government from politicizing the civil service. Section 36 – Transportation Subsidies – was launched, but changed the 2014 wording from “willingness” to “may”. Article 32 – Deduction of contributions – Rolld with the transition from “LRO” to Service Personnel Office – SPO “and language in relation to the future right to automate the process. On line 141, add a new section 7 that reads as follows: “The NTEU will receive information on the contributions withheld by its members. The Agency will review the data points requested by the NTEU in conjunction with these reports.

Visit the NTEU coronavirus memorial page and join us in honouring our union members and colleagues who have been lost due to the pandemic. Article 21 – Benefit – OPS of 60 days. Performance Assistance (“PA”) is eliminated. PacS for new hires is omitted. The examination offices encouraged a 30-day OPS, which the agency insisted on for much of the negotiations. We concluded, in the circumstances, that the Committee would likely grant this provision. The agency eventually offered 60 days (to our last 75-day offer), so we decided to take it as it was better than the 30 days probably imposed by the panel. Article 9 – Industrial Relations Committee – The Agency wished to end these meetings; However, I think it is important to continue to have a working relationship with agency heads. We can choose to attend meetings in person for one day or virtually for two days. The Union shall bear the costs of attending the meeting in person.

Face-to-face meetings are held in Woodlawn to reduce costs. Article 20 – Performance Promotion – Rolled with the addition “Career development for individual employees is promoted by the creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Information on IDPs can be retrieved … (Link will be provided). Article 16 – Leave – The Agency did not want to grant administrative time to CLE. But we were able to keep the wording of the 2014 CLE in section 8F, but change “will” to “can”. The only reason for this change for the agency was to address the rare cases of abuse. The Agency intends to grant administrative leave to CLEs as in the past. Integrated wording of the Leave Act for Weather and Safety. We received the following wording: “In the event of bad weather and other emergency situations where the office is not closed, the Agency may grant up to two (2) hours of administrative leave to employees who arrive after the start of base hours or the scheduled start time. The granting of such leave depends on LAO`s determination that the employee made reasonable efforts to arrive on time and was delayed by the conditions. “One year of civilian service is now required for sick leave. Article 33 – Negotiations – We assume the costs related to negotiations for our team.

*Added MOU sidebars for WebTA and Dragon. Article 8 – Union time – This is legally called “official time” and is the time we use to enforce the contract and represent your interests. We have agreed on an amount of 6500 hours, which should be used annually by all shop stewards. There will be no “full-time” union representatives or even 50% representatives. There will be two union representatives or stewards, who will each take 840 hours. All others are limited to 250 hours. However, we are committed to not allowing these new restrictions to affect our ability to represent you. We are here for you! NTEU provides additional information to clarify the new telework provisions in the contract. Article 15 – Working time – The Agency withdrew by allowing only offices with 15 or more NTEU employees to offer a compressed 5/4/9 or 4/10 working schedule. (The compressed working schedule is referred to in the contract as a flexible working schedule; however, in accordance with the OPM regulations, it is technically a compressed working schedule. Employees who regularly work 8 hours, 5 days a week can earn up to 8 credit hours.

Employees on 4/10 or 5/4/9 cannot earn credit hours according to OPM regulations.) We asked them to give us language that prevents them from arbitrarily refusing credit hours. We asked them to remove their wording “Employee performance is taken into account when approving overtime,” which they insisted on for much of the negotiations. Employees on a 5/4/9 and 4/10 schedule may be asked to share the room/hotel in accordance with the space/hotel sharing procedures described in Article 17. Click here for a more detailed explanation of the changes. Article 26 – Disciplinary measures – New wording according to which disciplinary measures must be taken in a timely manner. Deadlines have been changed from “Working Days” to “Calendar Days”. Discipline “may” be progressive in nature. Discipline “may” be done through oral or written advice.

Oral and written answers must be given simultaneously. We must not explicitly complete the Minutes after the reply. The Agency agreed with our proposal that letters of reprimand be retained in the electronic cPF for a maximum period of one (1) year or as long as there is an administrative need (i.e., litigation, pending disciplinary action). You wanted two (2) years without qualifications. Section 22 – Cash Rewards – Add language to Section 3: The Agency has the discretion not to award a sum of money to an employee who has received a complaint. Employees who have received any other form of formal disciplinary action (e.g.B. suspension or downgrading) are not eligible for any type of cash reward that has not already been paid for the fiscal year in which the discipline is imposed or until the end of the next fiscal year. Affected employees only lose their entitlement to bonuses during a fiscal year. Article 34 – Duration and termination – We have a contract of six (6) years and no reopenings. Article 29 – Arbitration – The main changes include shortened deadlines for NTEU`s lawyer to appeal an arbitration case. The CBAs in this database were submitted to OPM by the executive departments and agencies.

This database is based on information provided to OPM by executive departments and agencies and may not include all existing CBAs within the executive branch. OPM will regularly update this database as soon as existing and new CAAs are made available to the OPM. It is disappointing that the IRS has published news and documents that are misleading or false. If you have any further questions, please contact your local NTEU Chapter. If you have any questions regarding the filing of ACAs and arbitration awards, please contact OPM`s Accountability and Industrial Relations staff at LRG@opm.gov. If you have any questions about specific BCAs found in this database, please contact the agency associated with this ABC. For more information on the representation data of all bargaining units certified by the Federal Labour Relations Authority, including name, description, location, bargaining unit employee population and other information, see the Federal Labour Management Information System. If you are already a registered user of an agency, please log in to the CBA database to upload your document. Article 28 – Complaint procedure – The most important thing here is that we have retained the right to mourn a number of very important points, including the reduction or refusal of telework, disciplinary measures, PACS assessments and much more.