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The general information page contains information on resolving special education disputes and other topics that may be useful to you. Journalists and educational writers can contact TEA`s Media Relations Division. AME developed the Special Education Dispute Resolution Manual to help parents, school officials and other interested parties understand AME`s special education dispute resolution system. The manual is not intended to serve as legal advice. If you need legal advice on a special education issue, you should contact a private lawyer. TEA cannot provide legal advice. The Special Education Dispute Resolution Manual is also available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic. The Office of Government Relations manages the agency`s communications and interactions with the Texas Legislature, the Governor`s Office, elected officials, other state agencies, and stakeholders. All legislative requests can be sent by email to govrel@tea.texas.gov or by phone at (512) 463-9682.

TEA has created a quick reference document that provides parents and school districts with an overview of ways to resolve disputes arising from state federal and school law. It is not intended to interpret, modify or replace any procedural safeguards provided by federal or state laws or the requirements of federal or state law. The comparative table of special education dispute resolution services is also available in Spanish. (a) the Agency shall adopt written procedures for the conduct of specific accreditation investigations under this Sub-Chapter, including procedures for obtaining information from district staff in a manner that prevents a district or campus from verifying that information. The Agency shall make the procedures available on its website. The staff of the Agency shall be trained in the procedures and follow the procedures for carrying out the specific accreditation examination. AME is responsible for providing dispute resolution programs in special education. The Office of the General Counsel of the AME administers the Special Education Hearing Program and the Special Education Mediation Program. The IDEA Support Service administers the Special Education Complaint Handling Program and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Program. This list of free, low-cost legal services contains information about providers of free or low-cost legal services in the State of Texas pursuant to 34 CFR § 300.507(b). The list is not exhaustive and TEA, its employees and subcontractors cannot make recommendations as to which supplier, if any, you should choose.

The Texas Education Agency administers the laws and rules that govern education in the state. This page contains information about existing laws and regulations, the process by which rules are adopted and the application of these rules. Local education agencies, education service centers, and individual website visitors who wish to send confidential information to the Texas Education Agency must do so through ShareFile. Your TEA contact can help you access ShareFile. General FAQThis section answers questions about general school or educational questions. The Texas Education Agency is committed to helping the general public with questions and concerns. This page contains the agency`s general contact information, as well as contact information for website visitors who are looking for a specific agency employee or department, educators seeking help with certification issues, journalists who wish to speak to a media contact, and visitors who wish to make a request for public information. The following links contain frequently asked questions that our office receives. Each link contains questions and answers on the subject. Our office can answer general questions and provide information about state law, but we cannot provide legal advice to either side of a dispute. The Special Education Hearing page for the consultation process contains information about the due process hearing program and other resources related to the hearing.

(b) Following a specific investigation into accreditation, the Agency shall provide preliminary results to any person or entity that it considers to have infringed a law, rule or directive. Before publishing a report containing its final results, the Agency shall give a person or entity that it considers to have contravened a law, rule or directive the opportunity for informal review by the Commissioner or a designated examiner. Division Email Directory This directory contains telephone numbers and electronic information for the agency`s departments and regions, in alphabetical order. If you can`t find the service you need or want more help, contactez-generalinquiry@tea.texas.gov. Parents of special education students who are concerned about special education rights can submit their complaints directly to the AME. For more information, forms and contacts for filing a special education complaint, consult the Ministry of Special Education`s Dispute Resolution Procedure. It is also important to note that TEA is responsible for public school districts and charter schools, not other educational institutions or children`s institutions such as private schools, daycares and universities. Tea`s Office of the General Counsel oversees special education mediation and due process hearing programs. The following links and information may be useful to parents and school districts about special education legislation, regulations and other information. Texas Administrative Code (external source) Compilation of all state agency rules in Texas.

Texas Education Code (external source) The Texas Code of Education contains all laws and rules passed by the state legislature. .