Yukon Teachers Collective Agreement

The teachers` union and the territory began collective bargaining on December 2, with the last agreement expiring on June 30. “They need to see themselves in the teachers they teach and work with them in school so that they, in turn, have the confidence to become what they want to become,” she said. The Government of Yukon and the Yukon Association of Education Professionals, formerly known as the Yukon Teachers` Association (YTA), reached a preliminary collective agreement on December 2, 2021. The new collective agreement, ratified this week with Yukon teachers, will help make the region a place where educators can work and stay, according to the president of the teachers` association. Details of the agreement will not be made public until it is ratified. There are 90 days to implement the agreement, Woods said, noting that the flattening of hiring records and language writing are as follows. Discrimination against a person based on their gender identity or expression is prohibited under the new collective agreement. The current collective agreement expired on June 30, 2021. “In the future, we will be able to negotiate a better economic package for them,” Harding said.

“These are the last child care teachers in Canada who belong to an association. It`s really revolutionary. First Nations teachers will be given priority because of the high percentage of First Nation students in the Yukon school system, Harding said. Members of the Yukon Association of Education Professionals must now vote in favour of ratifying the new collective agreement. The Government of Yukon and Yukon teachers have reached an interim collective agreement. Eighty-five percent of the YTA`s 900 members are in favor of the deal, she added. “It just makes sure they`re likely to stay longer, and if teachers stay longer, students` outcomes improve.” The agreement must now be submitted for ratification, the government said in a press release on Tuesday. Sue Harding, president of the Yukon Teachers` Association, said she was very pleased with the newly ratified collective agreement during a photo shoot in Whitehorse on Jan. 17.

(Crystal Schick/Yukon News) Currently, the substitute teachers, about 100 of them, are not members of YTA. “There is assurances that new educators in Yukon can take a certain path to becoming permanent, they know the processes associated with assessment and probation,” said Sue Harding, president of the Yukon Teachers` Association (YTA), which signed the three-year agreement with the Government of Yukon. The agreement will be submitted to the respective parties for ratification. No details will be released until the agreement has been ratified. The union, which has about 1,119 active members, will have to vote to ratify the new collective agreement. Correction: This story has been updated from an earlier version to reflect that teacher salary increases extend beyond three years. “Whenever we can reach an agreement that satisfies both parties, we can turn our attention to the students. This is a very good thing for us,” he said. The teachers` union also announced on Tuesday that it was changing its name. The Yukon Teachers` Association will now be known as the Yukon Association of Education Professionals. The agreement took longer than expected due to the complexity of some issues (negotiations began in May), said Mike Woods, deputy minister of the Department of Policy and Partnerships at the Department of Education. “There was no place in Canada where you had to serve two years of probation to become permanent,” she said.

“It only modernizes our agreement a little better.” Before the deal, those workers had to be on probation for two years, sometimes longer, and if they decided to leave a school, that probationary period would be reset, Harding said. The AP got a rare first-hand glimpse Tuesday as New York City police officers carried out early morning raids across Brooklyn in their fight against an increase in gun violence and homicides during the pandemic period. (January 5) “It`s not the overall costs that are going up for the government. Part of this increase will come from savings related to the termination of severance and retirement provisions,” he said. It`s a pretty strong message that our members were happy with what we negotiated,” Harding said. But that will change with the changes in the law. This means, she continued, that Yukon can have a competitive advantage in this time of national teacher shortages. When asked if there had ever been a case where someone had been discriminated against because they did not meet gender norms, Harding said: “As far as I know, I have never heard of a case in my story where someone was discriminated against or was asked to leave school because they identified. It just gives protection. and just do the right thing.

“We respect them,” Harding said, “and understand that we have to have them in our system.” To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names appear on each submission in CBC/Radio Canada`s online communities (except in child and youth communities). Pseudonyms are no longer allowed. Teachers will see a 6.7 percent pay rise over the three-year period for a total of $4.7 million, said Nigel Allan, a spokesman for the Public Service Commission. The Yukon Teachers` Association announced a name change and is now known as the Yukon Association of Education Professionals. A Saskatoon man is pursuing a project that he says could help people, especially the hearing impaired, communicate masked. Brian Kendall described it as a cloth mask “with [a small] LED screen that is in . and we use voice-text and then send it Bluetooth” to the mask screen. It is powered by a lithium battery.

He has developed a prototype, but it is slower than the final product he wants to produce. It expects its final product to display the words immediately when you say them on e, with salary increases for educational assistants and tutors of 3.2% and increased allowances for educators working in remote areas. Temporary workers can now get permanent positions faster. . By submitting a comment, you agree that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment, in whole or in part, in the manner chosen by CBC. Please note that CBC does not endorse the views expressed in the comments. Comments on this story will be moderated in accordance with our submission guidelines. Comments are welcome as long as they are open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. There will be wage increases, but also protective measures to avoid discrimination. Permanent positions will be more feasible. “We want to keep you and make you a part of our communities and a part of the Yukon,” said Harding.

These employees can now obtain permanent status within one year. Alana Haim – best known for her work in the sister music group HAIM – talks about the transition to theatre in “Licorice Plaza” and reveals how nervously she played alongside Bradley Cooper in the coming-of-age drama. (January 6) “It`s caused a lot of frustration among our members and certainly a lot of anxiety,” Harding said, noting that probationary periods in other Canadian jurisdictions are as short as three months. . The Yukon Association of Education Professionals represents education professionals in Yukon schools and currently has 1,119 active members. Pastor Ellie Hummel will join the Mount Allison community on March 7, 2022 as a multi-religious chaplain and spiritual care coordinator. The roof of the Colosseum was notoriously leaking, but on January 7, 1986, an NBA game was cancelled due to a rain delay. .